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4 Tips on How Not to Let Your Breasts Grow

breast growingEnlarging breasts is not an easy thing to do at all. Women are spending tremendously much time and effort to do that. However, there are numerous things that we do every day that can reduce all efforts to zero and we won’t even know about it. If you’re on your way to having bigger breasts then you should definitely check out these 4 things that can prohibit your success. For better result, use breast enlargement pills and creams from

  • Consuming Too Much Sugar

We don’t even realize how much sugar we eat every day. Sugar is everywhere around us and we consume it even without noticing it. It can be found in coke, fast food meals, ice cream and lots of other products we come across with every day. Although we all know that sugar can help us gain weight this will not work with the breast. The main reason for that is testosterone which sugar helps to produce.
Testosterone is a male hormone which blocks the action of basic female hormone called estrogen, which, in turn, is responsible for breast growth. This is why it is so important to take care of the amount of sugar that your body gets with food and drinks every day. Learn all the information about the products that you enjoy eating on a regular basis and get rid of those containing too much sugar.

  • Excessive Amount of Caffeine

A lot of us enjoy drinking coffee in the morning as it helps us to wake up and fill up with energy. However too much caffeine can be a serious obstacle for your breasts’ growth. Caffeine does not allow the body to absorb some herbs and supplements the body needs and affects the activity of estrogen receptors. By the way, coffee alone is not the only product which contains caffeine as it can be found even in tea.

  • Stress: a Perfect Enemy for Bigger Breasts

Everybody knows stress is harmful for the health. Breasts also suffer when it comes to stress since it affects the level of hormonal secretion in a female body. As a result, when a woman experiences stress she might notice delays in menstrual cycles. This is one of the consequences of disturbed hormonal balance which can lead to lots of diseases, problems with skin and stopped breast growth. The main reason for that is because the body does not produce the right hormones (estrogen) in the right quantity but instead produces the ones that prevent your breasts from growing (cortisol).

  • Smoking

There is an endless list of health dangers smoking brings including cancer, early ageing, infertility etc. But we rarely hear that smoking is a perfect way of not letting your breasts grow as the hazardous chemical ingredients of cigarettes prevent the absorption of Vitamin C in the body which is responsible for the production of the collagen – one of the key elements that help to increase the bust. Besides breast tissue needs oxygen to grow and smoking does not allow the oxygen to reach the tissues in the right amount as it negatively affects overall blood circulation in the body.

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